What we do

We offer a variety of services across graphic design and marketing, both print and digital - ranging from branding, marketing material, corporate documents, menus and professional photography to overseeing everything for your social media management be it your Facebook page or regular emailers to customers.

Where possible we like to become involved in our clients brand as a whole, helping them create a strong identity and meet their goals. To do this our real strength comes from our brand discovery process. This is where we use all our knowledge and skills to find out exactly who your company is, or wants to be, and how we can make that happen. We will give you all the advise you need to get your company off the ground or turned around and, if you'll let us, we'll be with you as part of the team making sure you stay on track no matter what the future holds.


Keep scrolling to learn more about what the process involves and how you could benefit.



Branding is about more than designing a logo or setting up a Facebook page, it’s everything from the stationery you use to invoice clients to what your staff wear, how your office or building looks and how and when you communicate with new customers. Understanding your brand is the most important step that you can take whether you are launching a new brand or redefining an existing one, so we offer an extensive and in-depth look at who you are and what you do, to ensure that your brand is in line with who and where you want to be. Boast Design has undertaken branding projects for a wide variety of clients including not-for-profit, hospitality, business-to-business and business to consumer brands.


Our brand discovery phase typically includes the following steps:

‘Getting to Know You’

For an established company this may depend on the size of the organization. It can be a single meeting with senior management or a series of sessions involving a broader sampling of employers and staff. The purpose is to establish the existing and planned products and services, brand perceptions, brand values, organisational goals and competitive landscape as viewed through you and the company. It is a chance for us to ask you a few key questions and get to know what led you to need a brand assessment.


As a way of testing the perceptions gathered during the brand discovery group session a series of face-to-face or telephone interviews or web-based questionnaires may take place with customers, suppliers, partners and other select individuals who may have been exposed to the brand. This can prove a critical step in determining if internal brand perceptions are in line with external brand realities.


If you’re just getting set-up then now is the time to work out exactly who you want to be. This will ensure that you stay on target no matter what may come and our first meeting will allow us to get on board and become part of the process. We will look at where you are in your business plan and what gaps still need to be filled.

Brand Audit

We will undertake a thorough review of all points of communication and the methods that are being used to deliver brand messaging and brand experiences. The audit typically includes internal and external marketing materials such as websites, social media, advertising campaigns as well as printed collateral and for consumer-facing brands, brick and mortar site visits are often necessary. We will look at who your customer base should be and how you should be communicating with them to get the best results, from aspects of your brand identity such as tone-of-voice and logo to whether or not you should be posting on Facebook and the best time to do that.


If we’re helping you establish a new brand, or we feel your existing brand would benefit from a redesign, then we will present examples of the direction we would take your brand identity at all touch points - signage, marketing material, uniforms, stationery, website, emailers, social media, internal print (such as staff newsletters), advertising, product packaging, interior design and more.

Assessing the Competition

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition is key in developing a unique and successful brand of your own. We will establish who is in direct competition with you and how you can overcome that and focus on your unique selling point along with looking at brands that have worked in similar markets and how their techniques can be applied.

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